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About Novartis Vaccines

About Novartis Vaccines

Global health

At Novartis Vaccines, we feel privileged to be working in a field where we can truly make a difference in protecting the lives of so many people from infection and disease. We are keenly aware of the responsibility that comes with this privilege.

Every second, an estimated 25 people globally receive a vaccine created by Novartis, helping to protect them against devastating diseases. The 800 million doses of vaccine we produce annually are shipped to 85 countries, where their use helps protect entire societies from some of the most horrible diseases in the world. We give the highest priority to ensuring that our customers—who are, ultimately, our friends and neighbors—are always assured access to the highest-quality vaccines. Our portfolio includes several vaccines devised to protect people who live in or travel to areas where a variety of infectious diseases are common. Diseases prevented by our vaccines include rabies, tickborne encephalitis (TBE), typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis A.


We also work closely with agencies like UNICEF and the WHO to deliver hundreds of millions of vaccine doses to help protect children from diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (which causes whooping cough) and polio. We make vaccines against Haemophilus influenza Type B (Hib), which is one of the leading causes of pediatric meningitis.

And our product Quinvaxem is the first internationally available liquid vaccine that combines five inoculations that are crucial to child health, including diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Hib.

Novartis has also played a key role in the global campaign to eradicate polio.

This highly virulent disease of the nervous system, which can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours, kills as many as one in ten of the people who contract it. Of those who survive, one in 200 is left permanently paralyzed. Thanks to the global effort to eradicate this disease, the number of polio cases worldwide has declined steeply, from more than 350,000 reported infections in 1988 to just 1,469 in 20051. To date, Novartis has manufactured an average of 350 million doses of the polio vaccine Polioral. We take pride in the enormous impact our products have on the quality of our customers’ lives. It drives us to take up some of the most pressing and intellectually challenging problems of disease prevention today. To meet these challenges we actively apply ourselves to advancing the science and technology of vaccinology, conducting research on new vaccines, adjuvants and methods of vaccine delivery.

We are swiftly advancing the field of influenza vaccinology beyond cell culture-derived vaccines, working with public health agencies to test whether this technology can be used to improve the influenza vaccine itself. And these are just some of our efforts toward improving the world’s health. As demonstrated by our work on meningitis and influenza, and our participation in global efforts to combat epidemics, Novartis Vaccines has long invested its intellectual and material resources in the alleviation of human suffering. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to this mission, because at Novartis Vaccines—Caring Begins with Prevention.



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